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Yuksel Bal

"If you're looking for a quick yummy lunch. Then this is your place. The crispy wings tasted so good!!!! The vibes are chill like a tiki vibe. The orange crusher tasted very fresh and refreshing."

Rocky Lancaster

"What a great place for a great time. The hospitality is wonderful, & it's not only from the owner & staff, but from the patrons who come. Everyone feels like a welcomed friend when you step into this place. It feels like you walked into your coolest friends Epic Summer BBQ party at his Tiki bar with amazing food. This has been, hands-down, my favorite place to have some fun, all summer. Thank you ChincoTiki. Till next year my friends."

Patrick Garner

"Awesome little bar, not one of the tourist traps on the island. I met up with my family and we had a blast!"

Rhonda Townsend

"Loved it! Great drinks, atmosphere & bartender in a laid-back beach area. Everyone was so friendly. I would definitely go back!"